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Wild Game Sauce

Humble beginnings. Bold flavor. Never in a squeeze bottle.

Chatelliers-Sauce Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce was developed in 1977 after Norb Buchmayr (Scott Buchmayr’s father) and Gary Christman shot a limit of broadbills off Norwalk, CT. As most duck hunters will agree, broadbills can develop a strong unpleasant flavor after feeding on shellfish in saltwater. But, committed to the doctrine that ethical hunters should eat what they kill, Buchmayr and Christman contacted their grouse hunting pal, John Chatellier, for some recommendations about how to make the ducks more palatable to eat.

So, John checked a few of his sauce recipes for reference and hit the grocery store for ingredients. He’d been experimenting with sauce recipes for some time, but this request from his friends gave him the motivation he’d been lacking to wrap things up. That afternoon he mixed up a stove-top batch of what would eventually become Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce. His new concoction was put to the test during a wild game dinner the next weekend when all of the guests ate well-sauced roast broadbills with gusto.

Word spread fast, and a lot of people started asking for jars of John’s new secret sauce. Before long, he started distributing the sauce to wingshooting retailers, gun clubs and catalogs – and Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce soon developed a cult following of devotees.

John Chatellier retired from the sauce-making business in 2010, but three of his friends and admirer’s agreed to take over production and distribution – after promising not to tamper with the original recipe. Today Chatellier’s is served at some of the finest private duck clubs and hunting camps in the country – and enjoyed at home by thousands of loyal customers. There’s no other sauce quite like it.

Scott BuchmayerScott Buchmayr – Scott comes from a long line of sportsmen. His grandfather, Sigfried Biel Buchmayr (the famous ski instructor) was a hunter in his native Austria before immigrating to the United States in 1928 top settle in Manchester, Vermont. Sigfried became an avid whitetail hunter and took big game hunting trips to Europe, Alaska and the Arctic. His three sons were also avid hunters of big game, upland birds and waterfowl, and they introduced Scott to duck hunting at the tender age of 5. Scott killed his first deer at age 9 and his first limit of grouse at age 15. An avid hunter and fisherman, Scott is active in Ducks Unlimited and a director of the Norbert Buchmayr Society - a 30 year old sporting clays shoot that raises money to provide scholarships to young shooters.

Amos CrowleyAmos Crowley – Amos is another lifelong outdoorsman who was raised in Conneticut on the shores of the Long Island sound where he learned to hunt ducks and fish for striper and bluefish. His career took him to northern California where he divided his time between work, duck and quail hunting. Amos now lives in northeast Ohio where he haunts the local steelhead creeks, duck marshes and tree stands, while making annual trips with his bird dogs to the Southeast, Midwest and New England in pursuit of wild birds. Amos is a Ducks Unlimited Life Member, a Trustee of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, an officer of The Trout Club and a youth lacrosse coach.

Scott CherekScott Cherek – A Wisconsin native and lifetime outdoor enthusiast, Scott Cherek began hunting rabbits with his dad and uncle when he was 12 with a single shot .22 rifle and a couple of rambunctious beagles. As a young adult, he was consumed by the challenge of hunting new types of game in new territories until the early nineties when it finally overtook him. In 1993, the rocky elk terrain, vast pronghorn habitat and cold, clear fly fishing waters of the west beckoned him. Scott now resides in Cheyenne, Wyoming where he is centrally located to access the outdoor lifestyle he loves. He is often found in the mountains to the West or pheasant habitat to the East in his ’69 Bronco with his canine companions, Harley and Ruger.

Over the years, Chatellier's Rare Game Sauce has garnered praise from
some of the industries most notable characters. We proudly show off a selection of these comments below:

“The best game sauce I’ve ever served” – Perk Perkins, CEO, The Orvis Company

"We eat a lot of elk and venison and have been addicted to Chatellier's for decades."
– Tony Perry, Founder Perry Resturant Group

“My family has been consuming Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce for more than 25 years. We cook game with it. We use it as a dipping sauce. We even put it on vanilla ice cream. Tamarack Preserve is a membership hunting and fishing club with 400 members and we have been serving and selling Chatellier’s sauce since our inception in 1991. We serve it regularly as a dipping sauce for the pheasant and duck products that we offer to our members both following a hunt and on the bar as a snack. Many of our corporate and group outings will provide a cooler with product from the freezer to their clients and this includes a jar of Chatellier’s Sauce. Needless to say, we are very happy to be able to have such a great tasting product to offer to our members.” – Tim Bontecou, President of Tamarack Preserve, Ltd.

“I use Chatellier’s on everything from burgers to salads to game. It’s the one ingredient I couldn’t live without—it makes me a great cook without having to work very hard.” – Wes Lang, President, Ceasar Guerini USA

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