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Wild Game Sauce
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“We have been using Chatellier's Rare on the ranch for over eight years. Served exclusively with wild game; our favorite recipe is to marinade small pieces of wild pheasant and duck overnight and then grill them outside over coals. After grilling, we mix the pieces in a bowl with more Chatelliers that has been warmed in a separate sauce pan and serve. The recipe is simple but it has always a huge hit with everyone who stays at the ranch." – Gary & Connie Paulson, Managers, Hammer Ranch


“I have used this sauce on every kind of game that I have taken with rifle or shotgun for 30 years. From a tough old ten point buck to a delicate partridge, it is simply the best.” – Peter Corbin, Artist |


“One Slurp and the sauce became an obsession. First, we put it on the obvious - Grouse, Steak, Pheasant, Venison. Then we got inspired and tried it on shrimp, then instead of tomato sauce on pizza topped with grilled quail. It’s sweet and spicy, works well as a dip, marinade, baste or sauce. If we can restrain ourselves and leave a few jars in stock, we’d be happy to sell them to you.” – Terry Wilson, President, Ugly Dog Hunting |


“I had Chatellier's Rare Game Sauce for the first time years ago. I am a fanatic about taking great care of the game I harvest, and it was the first commercially available game sauce I'd ever tasted which I would put on the waterfowl, venison, and other game meats that I bring from the field to my table every fall. It is great stuff. I'm thrilled that it is still available. "” – CD Clarke


“I'd love to tell you I have the time and the inclination to be a gourmet cook, but neither is true. I do, however, have two full-size freezers full of game; deer, elk, pheasant, chukar, quail, geese, and several items whose identities are questionable. Your sauce is the only one I've found that will complement such a wide variety of meats. I can simply grill, fry or bake any of the aforementioned creatures with minimal time and effort, using Chatellier's as a marinade, brushed on, or just as a dipping sauce, and actually look like I know what I'm doing in the kitchen. Good stuff, and it leaves me more time for hunting.”
– Tom Bulloch, President, Bulloch & Assoc.


“This is a great sauce for just about anything but especially wild game (that may be a little strong for some). It doesn’t mask the flavor but manages it - a very pleasant sweetness balanced with acidity and spices. My favorite so far is pheasant and pig but I find myself trying it on just about everything!” – Jim Kelly, Western Wingshooter

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