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Wild Game Sauce

Ducks Unlimited Magazine, March/April 2011

"Try This Delicious Gourmet Game Sauce. Looking for a complement to your wild game? Check out Chatellier's Rare, a gourmet game sauce that enhances the flavor of everything from venison to ducks to pheasants. Chatellier's Rare, which has been around for more than 30 years, can be used as a marinade or for basting and dipping. This versatile sauce also goes well with domestic poultry, lamb, beef, and pork."

Sporting Classics Magazine, In An Article by Tom Davis:

"The other revelation was the sauce Peter served to accompany them: Chatellier's Rare Game Sauce. Made by a neighbor of his in upstate New York and said to be "the treasured recipe of an Atlantic Flyway waterfowler and New England upland gunner," its spicy-sweet tang beautifully complemented and enhanced the flavor of the meat without masking it - and it shattered all my long-held prejudice against bottled game sauces, most of which are little more than doctored-up A-1."

"Chatellier’s pairs wonderfully with any dark-meated game – duck, goose, woodcock, dove, prairie grouse, venison, etc. - and it also goes well with lamb and roast beef. It’s best, of course, when the meat is cooked rare, allowing the juices to mingle alchemically with the sauce to create something greater than the sum of their parts."

Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce now available throughout U.S.

For many years, the distinctive flavor of Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce has generated a cultlike following in the northeast U.S., where it was created in 1977. Now, thanks to increased distribution, all hunters and those who enjoy cooking wild game will be able to savor its distinctive flavor.

"A lot of game was on the dinner table out of need. Chatellier's was originally created just to make broadbill ducks palatable." John said.

So successful was John Chatellier's recipe that friends and acquaintances began requesting it, finding it an outstanding complement to waterfowl, upland game, venison, and domestic meats of all types. Demand grew to where it became a full-time business, but with distribution limited.

The unique, slightly sweet, slightly tangy, pleasantly spicy taste of Chatellier’s is now available through the Internet, and thanks to new, younger partners in the business (one being the son of John Chattellier’s long-time friend, for whom the original recipe was created), distribution is also being expanded to retail outlets throughout the U.S.

The recipe that has pleased connoisseurs for over 30 years remains unchanged. It is now just easier to find. It remains the one sauce that “makes any game good.”

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